Our Leadership Team
The Pastors
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Keith Peri – Senior Pastor

Pastor Keith Peri is our founding Senior Pastor.
The church was first formed by Pastor Keith and Ed, his husband of 22 years, in their home in 2004. Having graduated with a B.S. in Pastoral Ministry from WEB College, and a Master’s Degree from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, Pastor Keith has a heart of a pastor and a passion for missions.  He has served as a missionary, a youth pastor and associate pastor within The Assemblies of God.

Jonathan Smith – Associate Pastor

Pastor Jonathan Smith is our Associate Pastor.

He assists with preaching, counseling, and other ministries.  With a passion for sharing God’s love and a heart for evangelism, Pastor Jonathan has served on the mission field with the Southern Baptist Home Missions’ Board. Jonathan and his husband Ryan live in Atlanta.

Pastor Loyda Z Barajas is our Associate Pastor.
Pastor Loyda Zamot Barajas was born in NY to Puerto Rican parents.  At a very early age, she had a personal encounter with God when the love of Jesus overwhelmed her and since then she has served him with all her heart and gifts.  Her life took an unexpected turn at age 34 when she could no longer ignore her sexuality.  She didn’t want to turn her back on God, but didn’t know she could serve Him and be herself.  On January 3, 2010 she came to TGPA for the first time and learned that God made her and loved her this way.  Since then, she has been serving TGPA and even met her wife Sarah right here while attending church. Loyda has the heart of a pastor and has been working in that role for a very long time meeting members for couples and spiritual counseling and leading our worship team.
The Deacons
In the New Testament, Deacons were chosen and appointed to assist with operational decisions and financial matters of the church.  Since our church is a 501c3 non-profit and incorporated in the state of Georgia, our deacons also function and serve as the Board of Directors.